We all know Google is search giant. Now lets take a look at top 10 online SEO tool provided by Google.

Google Webmaster Tools: It is essential to know the condition of our websites in Google. Here we can see errors Google found, as well as tips to improve the website.

Google Analytics: The main tool to control access statistics. With your data we can make decisions about what is the best strategy for publishing content.

Google Website Optimizer: You can try different versions of your site that will be randomly displayed to visitors, allowing to obtain sufficient data for us to make decisions about design changes.

Google Zeitgeist: To view the most wanted in a given year. It helps to know the trends before starting a new project.

Google Trends: Allows you know how much or little that is sought a sentence or word in Google, allowing to compare curves between them. There are only the most popular.

Google Insights for Search: Allows you wanted to see what is a phrase or word, regardless of popularity.

Google Traffic Estimator: Made for Adwords, allows us to draw conclusions about the views that a particular word generates.

Google Keyword Tool: Also made for Adwords, we can help you choose the best words in our texts to attract more visitors.

Google Search Tool Based Keyword: Another option that allows us to find keywords on specific websites.

Google Ad Planner: For statistical profile of visitors to any website.

Try to write original and unique content and the success is your.

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